MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — Class is back in session for students in the Marshall County School District. The new year comes less than seven months after the deadly shooting at the high school.

Thursday was more than just the first day of school, it was also the first day using metal detectors at Marshall County High School, North Marshall Middle School and South Marshall Middle School.

Meagan Ralph teaches sixth-grade science at South Marshall Middle School. She was worried about how they were going to get hundreds of students through two metal detectors in one morning. But, those feelings were quashed as buses continued to unload kids.

“We’ve got a really good system going,” says Ralph. “We’ve got a lot of people on the inside, shuffling them through and getting them through in an effective amount of time.”

“It went better than expected,” says Marshall County Schools Superintendent Trent Lovett, who spent his morning at Marshall County High School.

“Obviously, last year will not be forgotten, but it was good to see some smiles on some faces and some students ready and eager to learn,” says Lovett.

Ralph says she’s always felt safe at school. “The recent events have been tragic nonetheless, but I feel like, as a public school system, we do the best we can every single day to keep our kids safe, regardless whether there’s metal detectors or not,” she says.

Just like with anything new, there’s a learning curve.

“I think there will still be changes,” says Ralph. “I think there will be things that we will encourage them to do to speed up the process.”

Soon, the added safety measure will be their new normal.