WICKLIFFE, KY — Local 6 TODAY is celebrating a very special anniversary. Three years ago this weekend is when we started what’s become one of our favorite segments that we do every week: Forever Home Friday. Since then we’ve featured dozens of cats and dogs all living at local shelters. Most of them have gone on to find forever families.

Marybeth is one of those pets who found a forever home through Forever Home Friday. She was living at Project Hope Humane Society in Metropolis, Illinois when she was featured on the segment. Marybeth was actually our “Pet of the Week” twice – and it was after that second time that she found her forever family.

Marybeth now goes by Beatrice, Bea for short. D’Sha Porter adopted the loveable Beagle after seeing her doggy debut on Local 6 TODAY.

“You could just tell through the segment that she had a great personality and a lot of love and happy times to give,” says Porter. “She was the dog that I was meant to rescue. She’s my baby. She’s truly my best friend and she loves me and she comforts me, and I do the same for her.”

Porter says Bea officially became part of her family in December of 2017. “After work one day, I went over to Project Hope and met her and I just kind of surprised them and brought her home.”

Porter says it wasn’t all easy. Like most things, there were some challenges when she first brought Bea home. “Like a child, she had to learn our rules and our boundaries,” she says. “So we had some moments where my husband was a little frustrated but in time, just like with kids, it worked out and it was great. Everything’s been great since then.”

Bea not only found her forever home — she found her forever family.

“I like to say that God had a hand in Marybeth being on the show the day that she was on it,” says Porter. “I mean I will be forever thankful for the segment for blessing me with my baby Bea.”

Bea is just one of the many success stories we’ve seen with the Forever Home Friday segment. If you’re thinking about adding a pet to your family, consider contacting your local shelter where there are always loving dogs and cats just waiting for their forever homes.