PADUCAH — Teachers and students at McNabb Elementary School in Paducah got a special surprise Monday.

To celebrate the opening of its location at Kentucky Oaks Mall, retailer Burlington presented the school with a $10,000 check as part of the Adopt-A-Classroom program.

Adopt-A-Classroom says the money will be divided equally among all the school’s classroom teachers. Each teacher will get a virtual savings account they can use to buy supplies for their classrooms, helping them better educate your children without having to spend from their own pockets. The teachers can use the money for everything from technology, to day-to-day supplies to field trip expenses.

The nonprofit says only a few people at the school knew about the donation before the check was presented Monday afternoon. Teacher Terrie White said it was it a true surprise for teachers and students.

“I don’t even know how we got selected, but I’m just honored. I feel blessed at the same time, and the kids they were so excited. My kids were jumping up and down, smiling, crying, very excited,” White said.

So how does it work? In the announcement of the donation, the nonprofit says the savings accounts will allow teachers to use Adopt-A-Classroom’s online marketplace made up of about 30 school specialty and office supply vendors, including Scholastic, Office Depot and Best Buy. At that website, teachers can buy the materials and tools they need. The organization says it does allow out-of-network purchases on a case-by-case basis for things that its vendors can’t provide, such as field trip expenses.

Adopt-A-Classroom is a nonprofit organization that allows individuals and businesses to donate directly to teachers, classrooms and schools. Burlington one of the nonprofit’s national sponsors.

Burlinton’s new location in the mall will open on Sept. 28.