The Civil War is a part of American history, but many people are questioning if we should leave it in the past.

The General Lloyd Tilghman statue in Paducah is one of 718 Confederate monuments and statues across the country. A petition calls to remove it.

Within 48 hours, there were more than a thousand signatures. The petition calls for more than just removing the statue. It asks the city to replace it with a statue honoring someone who fought against slavery.

It also requests that Paducah Tilghman High School change it’s name.

The statue has been in Paducah for as long as Betty Butler can remember. "I raised my family in what was the 15th block of Park Avenue. We were over here all the time picnicking or playing around the statue," she said.

Butler visited the statue Wednesday to reminisce. Looking at it, she said she’d be sad if it was gone.

"I have mixed feelings because I do have a lot of memories here," Butler said.

Many Local 6 viewers online are angry. Hundreds of Facebook users commented saying you cannot erase history.

The statue of General Lloyd Tilghman honors the lives lost fighting for the Confederacy. Petitioners believe it’s time to honor somebody else.

The Confederate general Tilghman isn’t the same Tilghman the high school is named after. Principal Art Davis said it is named after Augusta Tilghman, Lloyd’s wife. The school used to be Augusta Tilghman High School.

"I think the confusion comes when they dropped the name of Augusta and it becomes Tilghman," Davis said. "Everyone’s going to assume it’s named after the general."

For now Butler is taking in the statue, while she can.

It is unclear who created the petition. On the website, the creator is listed as "Paducah Residents."

There are local signatures, but many are from people across the country.

Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless said "the commission and I have much to discuss in response to this petition. I have not had the chance to have an in-depth conversation with them yet."