Shoplifters are taking advantage of busy stores and you this holiday season.

"You pour your time, your energy and money into your store, and then you have people just come in and take things," said Plato’s Closet owner Amberly Craig.

Police say the crowds and extra merchandise in stores create more opportunity for thieves this time of year.

Officers are following leads to find the women who took hundreds of dollars in clothes from Plato’s closet in Paducah on Tuesday afternoon. Police say the women were also involved in an attempted theft at another department store.

A local business owner tells us about a shoplifting incident at her store. In seconds, a diamond and ruby were gone.

"I live on this. We survive on this, what we make, and it’s like taking away from your earnings," said Victorian Parlor owner Priska Curry.

She says recently two people came into her store. As she helped one, the other reached into a cabinet to steal two of her most expensive items. She says, because of that, she had to mark up her prices.

"For us to survive we, unfortunately, have to do that. People don’t realize when they steal from stores everybody pays," Curry said.

Paducah police Sgt. Kelly Drew says sometimes shoplifting is a crime of opportunity.

"The opportunity presents itself, and people take advantage of that," Drew said.

Other times, it’s planned out. Craig says that’s what that happened at her business on Tuesday when her employees weren’t at the front of the store.

"They definitely knew what they were doing. They knew what to look for," Craig said.

Craig says it seems like the thieves had been in the store before. Not only did they pick the most expensive things, but they also took the tools employees use to remove anti-theft sensors when they ring up purchases.

"It’s very frustrating, you know? You do the best you can to try to keep these things from happening," Craig said.

Craig says moving forward she’ll take more security measures.

At Victorian Parlor, Curry has installed a new alarm in the hopes of stopping the next shoplifter who enters her store.

Police say the suspects in the Plato’s Closet theft were seen driving a silver Dodge Avenger. If you have information about who those women are, you can call Paducah police at 270-444-8550 or Crime Stoppers at 443-TELL.