WHITE PLAINS, KY — Two White Plains men were arrested on kidnapping charges over the weekend.

On Friday, the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office were called about two missing people. Deputies were told that a 20-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman had not returned after leaving a home on North Scott Street around 7:00 p.m. Thursday to ride a side-by-side UTV.

While deputies were taken the report, the missing man and woman returned with injuries. They told deputies they were abducted at gunpoint after having been ran off the road by a van.

They said they were then assaulted, put into the van, and taken to 325 Oglesby Cemetery Road by 48-year-old Danny Massey and 22-year-old Dustin Massey.

The victims were bound, chained, and put into a hand-dug pit where they were shown homemade explosive devices and threatened for hours. They were then released by the two men.

It was later learned that Dustin was a suspect in a crime previously reported by on the of the kidnapped victims.

A search warrant was obtained for 325 Oglesby Cemetery Road. On the property, deputies found homemade explosive devices, other components for making bombs, and evidence of the reported kidnapping.

Danny and Dustin were both arrested and taken to the Hopkins County Jail. They are both charged with kidnapping and intimidating a witness. More charges are pending.

Deputies believe that someone may have witnessed the kidnapping.

If you were driving on Farmers Crossing Road Thursday, July 11, and saw four people outside a van and a side-by-side UTV, please call the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office at 270-821-5661 and ask to speak with Detective Joseph Stratton.