(KSDK/NBC News)  Residents of Hecker, Illinois are on alert after a possible mountain lion sighting.

Jeanie Smith, social discovery manager at NBC affiliate KSDK caught what looked like a big cat on video while in Hecker on November 9th.

Shortly after the sighting, a crowd gathered in the parking lot of Hecker's Wine and Dine restaurant. 

"We walked over to the edge of the gravel and once we got over there, we could see over the little horizon there, and there was a pretty big cat," Wine & Dine Kitch Manager Alec Tribout recalled.

He said it was an exciting sight, but he's not concerned.

"I wouldn't say I worry about it. But it's just kind of a fact of life they're out there," he said.

Illinois is known to have a limited mountain lion population.

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