(NBC News)  Today is  the day set aside for your cleaning up your digital devices.

National "Clean Out Your Computer Day" promotes cleaning out files that should have been dealt with years ago.

"For most folks its going to be multimedia files," says Nicholas De Leon of Consumer Reports.  "Photos, videos, maybe old MP3s that you downloaded in the day." 

"People download a lot of stuff off the internet and it just sits there in this one big folder, taking up enormous amounts of space," notes Lifewire.com's Lance Ulanoff.

Getting rid of those files doesn't necessarily mean deleting them forever.  You can just move them to an external hard drive or USB storage stick.

Experts say you should also take the time to clean the outside of your computer and phone as well.  Canned air will help remove the gunk in your keyboard and special wipes are available to clean your screens.


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