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The house now belongs to Melvin Odom from Calvert City. Odom and his wife are passionate about St. Jude Children's hospital and wanted to support any way they could.

Engineering a light bulb with Thomas Capps and Travis the kid scientist from Ballard County Schools during WPSD Local 6 Saturday.

METROPOLIS, IL -- School is now in session, but if you're still needing some supplies, you're in luck.

It's back to school time for your kids! Here are some first day of school pictures from your children in the Local 6 area! You can submit your back to school photos on the WPSD-TV Facebook page! 

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You could win a home. You will help a child.The 2019 St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway is underway!Every year, we work with vendors to build and giveaway a home to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You can now reserve a ticket for a chance to win a brand new, beautiful home! …

Have you ever dropped your can of soda? Most people will tap the top before opening, but our "Science guy" Jason Lindsey says you should do something else. 

Impetigo — which is a secondary skin infection due to bug bites — and some strep throat cases: that’s what Physician’s Sssistant April Dunning says people are coming in for at Mercy Health Midtown Pediatrics. Watch this week’s What’s Going Around for more on those and other illnesses clinics are treating in the Local 6 area.

Our “Science Guy” Jason Lindsey shows us how to create potential energy with a dowel rod and a notebook spiral. 

You can help Sweetie find her forever home. Sweetie was brought to the McCracken County Humane Society as a stray when she was pregnant. She later gave birth to four kittens and took on another as a foster. The humane society says she was a great mom and now needs a family to love her. Sweetie is 5-years-old and only…

Lots of rashes and reactions to poison ivy: That’s what APRN Dena Kommer says most people are visiting Mercy Urgent Care in Paducah for this week. Watch What’s Going Around to learn what other clinics are seeing in the Local 6 area.

You can fill a balloon with air using two simple ingredients in a container and not use your own air to blow into it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports more people are getting sick after swimming in pools because of a parasite spread through feces. The good news? Doctors in the Local 6 area say they’re not seeing that illness here. Watch this week’s What’s Going Around to learn what illnesses they are treating.

As we head further into summer, doctors are urging you to pay attention to poisonous plants. Especially poison ivy.

“Mr. Science” and Local 6 meteorologist Jason Lindsey shows us how to create a lava lamp using some items found around your house.

Poison ivy and tick bites: two things many of you are heading to the doctor for this week. Watch this week’s What’s Going Around, for more on those and other conditions local clinics are treating in your community.

Three years ago this weekend, Local 6 TODAY started the Forever Home Friday segments. Since then we’ve featured dozens of cats and dogs all living at local shelters. Most of them have gone on to find forever families.

Feeling a bit under the weather this week? You’re not alone. In this week’s What’s Going Around, many families across the Local 6 area are reporting flu-like symptoms.