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Happy Holidays from Leah Shields (Multimedia Journalist) and her family!

Happy Holidays from Manda Barger (Evolving Media & Content Manager) and her family!

Merry Christmas from Kayla Dixon (Newscast Producer) and her family!

Merry Christmas from Nick Miller (Executive Morning News Producer) and his family!

Happy Holidays from Stefanie Martinez (Morning News Anchor) and Steven Miller!

Merry Christmas from Chief Photojournalist Mike, Carrie Spissinger and (growing) family — Hannah and James; Leigh and Dylan; Kate, Wes, Makenna, Sophie, Van and McCall; and Sam and Auggie!

Happy Holidays from Savanah, Ross, Sam, Dee Dee (Account Executive) & Matt Whittaker!

Happy Holidays from Ryne & Allison Rickman (Morning News Producer)

Happy Holidays from Jeff (Sports Director), Jennifer (Meteorologist), Kate, Elliot, Ryan, and Jeremy!

Happy Holidays from Cathy Crecelius (Director of Promotion/Public Affairs), Steven Parrott (Director), Sainte, and Blue!