Engineering a light bulb with Thomas Capps and Travis the kid scientist from Ballard County Schools during WPSD Local 6 Saturday.

Have you ever dropped your can of soda? Most people will tap the top before opening, but our "Science guy" Jason Lindsey says you should do something else. 

Our “Science Guy” Jason Lindsey shows us how to create potential energy with a dowel rod and a notebook spiral. 

You can fill a balloon with air using two simple ingredients in a container and not use your own air to blow into it.

“Mr. Science” and Local 6 meteorologist Jason Lindsey shows us how to create a lava lamp using some items found around your house.

You might see one during a forest fire, but did you know, using a few ingredients from around the house, you can create your own fire twister?

A rocket, powered by fire, sounds like fun, right? Our “science guy” Jason Lindsey shows the fire rocket, an experiment, you shouldn’t try at home.

You might see a rainbow after the storm, but have you ever found one in your milk? Our “Science Guy” Jason Lindsey and a kid scientist show us the “Milk Rainbow.”

How clean is the air you and your family are breathing? It’s a good question, especially if you suffer from breathing problems.

From a fire rocket to the foamy Christmas tree, and a lot more, our “Science Guy,” Jason Lindsey has showed us some amazing science experiments, over the past year.

Have you ever wondered how Santa gets down the chimney? If so, our “science guy,” Jason Lindsey uses an egg and a few other ingredients, from around the house, to show us the science behind the trick.

How did you carve your pumpkin this year? With an explosion? That’s how our “Science Guy” Jason Lindsey does it, he shows us the “Self-Carving Pumpkin.”

Our science guy Jason Lindsey traveled to New York City to show off some spooky science experiment on The Today Show.

Our science guy Jason Lindsey has been showing us his spooky science experiment all month. He’s next experiment you can do with your kids and is called Frankenstein’s hand.