Susie Coiner

PADUCAH, KY — If you haven’t met Susie Coiner, you’ve probably seen her running around at Barbecue on the River.

“I was raised by an amazing woman that explained to me very young that it takes a team, it takes a family, it takes a village to do anything great,” says Coiner.

Coiner grew up in Lexington. She moved to Paducah in 1993.

“It took me not very long to figure out that in western Kentucky, barbecue was the thing,” says Coiner.

It quickly became the backbone to a new idea: an event that would bring the community together while raising money for charity. Now, 23 years later, Barbecue on the River is one of the biggest get-togethers in Paducah.

Coiner says it wasn’t always easy. Some people tried to break her down along the way. But, like Taylor Swift, Coiner choose to shake it off.

“Align yourself with like minded people,” says Coiner. “Be the cheerleader, be the role model, set the culture and let people produce.”