Charles Logan Libby


METROPOLIS, IL — Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. Whether it’s to save a life after an accident or to treat a patient battling a chronic illness, hospitals need A, B and O type blood donations.

Charles Logan Libby is 87-years-old. He started donating blood when he was 30.

“There are good habits, and there are bad habits,” says Libby. “This is one of the good ones, I think. One way you can help somebody, hopefully. I’d rather donate blood than have a flu shot, because to me it doesn’t hurt as bad.”

Libby is from Metropolis, Illinois, and he has donated to the local Red Cross around 200 times —giving a total of 25 gallons of blood.

“I’m sure there are people that give more than that,” says Libby.

Every 56 days, Libby donates. He says he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

“As long as it doesn’t hurt anything, I’ll probably continue giving,” says Libby. “That way you get to visit and you get to eat the cookies at the cookie table.”

You can also help save a life — and save yourself time — by scheduling your appointment with the Red Cross using the donor app. You can also call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

The 35th annual American Red Cross Donor Days blood drive is scheduled for July 11-12. Click here for more details.