As we age, we tend to slow down, but don’t tell that to a group of women full of the holiday spirit, putting Santa himself to the test.  

Something magical is happening at Kenlake State Resort Park, the Christmas spirit is coming to life.

The Ladies of the Lake homemakers club is creating a winter wonderland tree for Kenlake guests. 

"It’s a hobby, it’s something I like to do and they love it." Carolyn Hast says. She provides the decorations and helps turn an ordinary tree into something spectacular. 

"We’ve got lots of good helpers," Hast says. 

Ina Horton is one of them. "They are just kind of trying to fall over," she says of the decorations. "So it’s hard to get them attached someplace where they will stay, but they sure do look pretty." 

The women in their 70s and 80s, but they are kids at heart when working on the tree. 

It’s called the giving tree, and it has stuffed animals and presents for kids in need.

"We love buying them new clothes and buying them the wishes of toys that they want," Hast says. 

FOR Joanne Aherns, it’s an act of generosity and therapy. "We had a little girl that we lost as an infant, and this is my way of paying back for a little girl that I don’t have," she says. "And it’s important for me to keep her in my mind, and this is how I do it." 

Tammy Nanney with Kenlake says the group makes a great partner to help families in Marshall and Calloway counties. "Everyone has a common goal where this is concerned. It’s making children happy and recognizing the true spirit of Christmas," she says. 

These women are dedicated to helping children they’ll never meet, but know they’ll impact for a lifetime.