MAYFIELD, KY – The day after Thanksgiving means it’s officially appropriate to put up Christmas lights and decorations, right? For some people, it is never too early, especially when your house is a tradition for families all over the Local 6 area.

If it sounds like Christmas, looks like Christmas, and feels like Christmas, it must be Christmas.

“I need to have it done by the end of November,” said Larry Green. That’s right. It’s not even December yet.

“This year, I started really early,” said Green. “My neighbor came out here and said, ‘You know it’s only September, don’t you?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I know it’s only September. But I got a lot of things to make.”

Green is in charge of Christmas around here. He has been for 25 years.

“(People are) still mowing, still green leaves on the trees, and I’m out here putting up Christmas lights. That’s what I got to do to get it all up,” Green said. He puts this all together himself, even building some of the decorations.

There area no helper elves to be found.

“It’s just amazing how it can be plain like this right now, but at night it’s just a whole different world,” Green said.  25 years ago, he put in all that work for his young daughters. Now, it’s for the sake of Christmas traditions.

“I have people come out here all the time and tell me they came out here when they were little. Their parents brought them, and now they’re bringing their kids. It’s just a tradition for a lot of people,” Green said. “If they enjoy it that much, I got to keep doing it for as long as I can.”

It’s like walking in a winter wonderland, and what’s better than finding your name on Santa’s list?

Green said it’s probably too early to put up Christmas decorations, but it’s never too early to spread some cheer.

You can find his light display off of Hayes School Road in Mayfield, Kentucky.

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