Evan Taylor turned 7 years old on Thursday. He got a lot of new gifts for his birthday, but he says he’s not keeping any of them.

"I’m going to put them in Toys For Tots for kids that don’t have anything," says Evan.

Evan says he got the idea after helping his karate class collect toys for the program.

"You want to do something really nice. That’s what’s in my heart, and that’s why I want to give this stuff away," says Evan.

Barry Bryan is the coordinator for Paducah’s Toys For Tots. He says this year they’ll be helping more than 300 local families. Those families have already been chosen, but Bryan says they’re always accepting donations of unused toys. That’s why he got excited when he learned Evan was helping out.

"I’m pretty blown away, you know, because when I was 7, I was no where near that generous," says Bryan.

Evan is a goofy kid, but there’s nothing funny about what he’s doing for children in our area.