The first snowfall of winter delivers a rush of joy and excitement for kids and kids at heart, but headaches quickly follow all that fun.

The snow, the ice and the slush leads to spinouts, crashes, delays and downright winter blues.

Then, something happens. We witness the best in people.

Edward Duff and other McCracken County Rescue Squad members picked-up dialysis patients for their treatments.

Ronnie Meyers spent his day off from work behind the wheel of his truck in search of stranded drivers.

Hickman, Kentucky, Police Chief Tony Grogan made the rounds pulling drivers from ditches.

Deputy Richard Edwards and others with the Graves County Sheriff’s Office gave hospital employees a ride to work.  In that same news story, we told you about 30 staff members stayed the night at Jackson Purchase Medical Center so they’d be there for work the next day.

Jimmy West in Mayfield cleared away snow for his neighbors for free.

And who could forget McCracken County Sgt. Todd Ray and his partner, who saved a 90 year old woman from hypothermia after she fell in the snow?

Sure, winter weather isn’t all good. But even the worst of it reveals the very best in each and everyone of us.

That’s why this week we’re saying you are Local 6.