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Time to Rescan!


Rescan Day is May 21, 2020 for WPSD. What Does This Mean for You?

On May 21, 2020 at 10am WPSD Local 6 must move frequencies to make room for wireless services.

If you watch TV for free with an antenna, you will need to rescan your TV to keep watching WPSD Local 6. Rescanning is when your TV finds all of the available channels in your area. If you haven’t rescanned your TV in a while, you may find channels you didn’t know you were missing.

Rescanning is straightforward and requires no new equipment or services. After the rescan is complete, you’ll still find us on channel 6 and we will still deliver all the news, emergency updates and entertainment you rely on.

If you subscribe to cable or satellite, you do not need to rescan. Your service provider will do it for you.

For more information on how to rescan your TV, the National Association of Broadcasters has more information at or contact the FCC’s spectrum repack consumer hotline at 1-888-CALLFCC (1-888-225-5322) and press 6 to speak to someone on the help desk. The center is staffed from 7a.m. to Midnight CT.

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions.

Click here for a broken-down summary of the rescanning process.

  • Updated

WPSD Local 6 is currently broadcasting on a temporary transmitter at a lower power and with an antenna at a reduced height. These two elements, low-power and lower antenna height, mean that our broadcast coverage area has shrunk.

  • Updated

For days, you’ve heard us talking about the instructions for rescanning your TV. That's because we're installing a new antenna at our tower.

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By law, nearly 1,000 television stations across the country are required to move frequencies to make room for wireless internet broadband services.

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