CARLISLE COUNTY, KY — A dozen new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Carlisle County, Kentucky, on Friday, the Purchase District Health Department reports. 

The public health agency also reported nine new cases in McCracken County and two new cases in Hickman County. 

To date, the Purchase District Health Department says 32 people in Carlisle County have tested positive for the novel coronavirus disease, including one person who died. Hickman County has also seen a total of 32 cases. 

McCracken County has had a total of 317 cases, including four deaths. Fulton County has had 47 cases, including one death. Ballard County has had 36 cases. 

The cases announced in the Purchase District Friday range in age from 17 to 68. 

Download the document below to read the health department's full update for July 31.