Graves County COVID-19 map

GRAVES COUNTY, KY — In its latest updates to the public, the Graves County Health Department reported at total of 29 new COVID-19 cases Thursday. 

In the health department's previous report, which was sent out on Tuesday, the county's case total stood at 461. As of Thursday evening, that total has risen to 490. 

Thursday morning, the health department announced 12 new cases in the county, including two children in the 0-10 age range, two teens, three people in their 20s, two in their 30s, two in their 60s and one woman in her 70s. 

In a second update since Thursday evening, the health department announced 17 more new cases, including one child in the 0-10 age range, three teens, four people in their 20s, Three people in their 30s, three in their 40s, one woman in her 50s, a man in his 60s, and a man in his 70s. 

Graves County has been listed as a COVID-19 red zone by the White House. 

According to the Kentucky Department of Public Health, 22 of the county's COVID-19 cases have died. 

Download the documents below to see both of Thursday's announcements from the Graves County Health Department.