The Purchase District Health Department's Paducah McCracken County Health Center 

PADUCAH — In McCracken County, the Purchase District Health Department has expanded its COVID-19 vaccine appointment eligibility to everyone age 18 and up. And the two regional COVID-19 sites in Paducah will expand eligibility starting next Wednesday. 

The health department is administering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, which is approved for people age 18 and older. McCracken County and Paducah residents can schedule an appointment through the health department by visiting purchasehealth.org or calling 270-444-5170.

Both regional vaccine sites in Paducah — Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital and Baptist Health Paducah — will expand their appointment eligibility starting at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, March 31. 

Mercy Pavilion and Baptist Health Paducah

Like the health department, Baptist Health Paducah is administering the Moderna vaccine. For that reason, this vaccine site will expand eligibility to people age 18 and up. 

However, Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital is administering the Pfizer vaccine, which is approved for people age 16 and up. So, it will begin accepting appointments from everyone in that age range. 

A reminder: Kentucky's regional vaccine sites can administer the vaccine to any Kentucky resident. That means you don't have to live in Paducah to be vaccinated at the two hospital sites. 

To make an appointment with Baptist Health Paducah, visit scheduleyourvaccine.com.

To make an appointment with Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital, call 866-624-0366.

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines both require two doses for full efficacy. When making your first-dose appointment with a provider administering the Moderna vaccine, make sure you will be available to get your booster dose 28 days later. For the Pfizer vaccine, make sure you will be available for your booster dose 21 days after the first dose. When getting your booster dose, you must go to the same vaccine provider where you got your first dose. 

The health department asks that, if you find out you will be unable to make your first dose appointment, to contact the vaccine provider and cancel. Canceling will open up the appointment slot to someone else, and make sure vaccine doses aren't wasted. 

Click here for more information on vaccine locations in the Local 6 area