FRANKFORT, KY — Newly reported COVID-19 cases are continuing to decline in Kentucky after a record-breaking surge spurred on by the omicron variant, Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday. 

Beshear said Kentucky recorded 25,173 new COVID-19 cases last week. While that's still a large number, it marks a significant decrease from the 35,961 new cases reported the week before. That's down from 46,639 the week before that, 74,376 the week before that and 81,473 the week before that. 

The state's positivity rate now stands at 12.74%. "Now that is still really high, but given we were over what, 36%-37%, this has been a significant decline, and we are absolutely headed to a much better place," Beshear said. 

The governor said the number of Kentuckians hospitalized with the illness also continues to decline dramatically, but a large number of people are still hospitalized with the illness. Currently, 1,333 Kentuckians are hospitalized with COVID-19, including 270 in intensive care units and 141 on ventilators. 

Over the past three days, Kentucky reported 5,955 new COVID-19 cases and 82 virus-related deaths. 

That includes 3,564 new cases and 32 deaths reported Saturday, 1,422 cases and 29 deaths reported Sunday and 969 cases and 21 deaths reported Monday. 

Looking at the incidence rate, Kentucky is still in the COVID-19 red zone with an overall incidence rate of 52.53 average daily cases per 100,000 people as of Monday. According to the latest incidence rate map from the Kentucky Department for Public Health, 20 counties are in the orange zone, and two counties — Fulton and Hickman — are in the yellow zone. 

The red zone indicates high COVID-19 transmission, the orange zone indicates substantial transmission, the yellow zone indicates moderate transmission and the green zone indicates low transmission. 

Beshear has said he expects the state as a whole to move into the orange and yellow zones in the coming weeks. If the state's case counts and positivity rate continue their downward decline, the governor plans to provide updated pandemic guidance by March 14. 

While numbers of cases and hospitalizations and the state's positivity rate are all trending in the right direction, Beshear said the pace of vaccination has continued to slow down. 

"We were seeing 10,000-plus, 8,000, 9,000-plus vaccinations over a weekend as omicron was going up. This last weekend 3,451 Kentuckians choosing to get their first vaccination," Beshear said. He said 4,032 people got their second vaccine dose over the weekend, and 5,912 received a booster dose. 

"We would like to see all of those numbers be a little bit better now," Beshear said. "The good news: we've never reached zero, alright, on any given day on number of Kentuckians getting vaccinated for the first time." 

So far, 2,877,881 Kentucky residents have gotten at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose. The governor said 69% of Kentuckians ages 5 and up have gotten at least one vaccine dose. 

Since testing began, Kentucky has had 1,264,329 known COVID-19 cases, including 13,647 deaths.