More of you are rolling up your sleeves to get your COVID-19 vaccine. Whether it’s your first or second dose, some of you may have had symptoms, while others had none.

Dr. Alex Wright with Mercy Health Lourdes says our bodies all react to different things, differently.

Wright says he's seeing patients who have gotten vaccinated have a pretty wide range of symptoms, ranging from fever, chills and aches, but a the majority is a sore arm at the injection site. He says that’s normal for any kind of injection.

He also says he’s seeing more elderly people have less side effects because their immune systems tend to be weaker. Those who may have a more severe reaction are those who have already tested positive for COVID-19.

“There are two major theories there, one is, yes, if you had COVID, you do have some antibodies, so your body is acting stronger to a threat that basically emulates or acts like the coronavirus. So, as such, your body reacts more strongly,” Wright said. “The symptoms of fever and headache, general body aches, and once again, it’s not actual coronavirus, even if you have active coronavirus trying to hurt the body — it’s your body trying to fight it and the inflammatory effects. You feel the inflammatory effects stronger typically if you’ve had it.”

Wright also says that almost all patients and staff members who have gotten vaccinated have gotten side effects that may come on quickly, but that also go away quickly. He says you can expect your symptoms to go away within at least a few days. If you don’t get better within that time frame, call your doctor.