Graves County COVID-19 map

GRAVES COUNTY, KY — Thirty-nine new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Graves County, Kentucky, since the health department's last update on July 1. 

The Graves County Health Department announced the 39 new cases in a news release Tuesday evening. The cases, which came in over a seven-day period, are all in isolation in their homes, the news release says. 

The cases include:

— Three girls in their teens.

— Two women in their 20s.

— Four women in their 30s.

— Two women in their 40s.

— Five women in their 50s.

— Four women in their 60s.

— A woman in her 70s.

— Four men in their 20s.

— One man in his 30s.

— Five men in their 40s. 

— Six men in their 50s.

— A man in his 60s.

— A man in his 70s.

To date, Graves County has had a total of 258 COVID-19 cases. Graves County Health Department Director Noel Coplen tells Local 6 that 173 of those cases have recovered so far. Twenty-four people have died. 

"Everyone in our area have worked so hard to minimize the spread of  COVID-!9 the last three months by making some very heavy sacrifices from not attending church to not being able to work or attend school. Let’s not waste the sacrifices of so many by making decisions that could potentially negatively impact others," Coplen said in an email.