COVID-19 vaccine

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee health officials announced Monday that the state will soon begin administering COVID-19 vaccinations to residents aged 70 and older.

According to the state Department of Health, Tennesseans on Tuesday can start checking with their counties to learn more about information about eligibility and registration. Furthermore, residents in the state’s metropolitan areas may have different instructions.

The health agency estimates roughly 300,000 Tennesseans fall in the 70-74 age group. The state is already vaccinating people 75 and older. It’s expanding the vaccination access due to a recent increase in this week’s COVID-19 vaccination allocation, up from an average of 80,000 doses to about 93,000 for the week.

The state says people aged 70 to 74 have a 70% higher rate of death and a 40% higher rate of hospitalization from COVID-19 compared with those aged 65 to 69.

Nearly 7% of Tennessee’s population had received at least one of the COVID-19 vaccine doses as of Monday.