fancy farm sign

FANCY FARMS, KY -- Every year, hundreds of people make their way to a small, West Kentucky town to hear speeches from Kentucky politicians.

This year, the in-person speeches were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, that did not stop some politicians from taking to social media to make statements. 

Kentucky Congressman, James Comer went to Twitter to speak on the event and what he misses about it. 

Kentucky State Representative, Charles Booker, says he looks forward to going back to fancy farm after the pandemic. He posted a video of a speech he had at a previous Fancy Farm picnic. Booker recently challenged Amy McGrath in the Senate primary for the democratic nomination. 

The Fancy Farm picnic is a charitable fundraiser for the St. Jerome Catholic Church. 

Thousands of pounds of barbecue and mutton are being sold this year, even without the political speeches.