LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KY — If you live in Livingston County and are skeptical about heading to the polls to vote in-person because of COVID-19, you can vote by drive-thru

The clerk in the county says there are two drive-thru voting sites. One is at North Livingston Elementary and the other is at South Livingston Elementary. 

Livingston County Clerk Sonya Williams says, "With the COVID virus surrounding us, we’re getting used to drive-thru lines – drive-thru testing, drive-thru foods – and now we can add drive through voting."

One woman who voted at the drive-thru tells Local 6 she likes the drive-thru because she can get in and out quickly without worrying about coming into contact with other people. 

Signs and cones are set up to help direct traffic and both drive-thru locations will be open until polls close at 6 p.m. Tuesday.