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Families take their children to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital because they need help. But what happens when the doctors, nurses and countless other staff need help? There's an amazing support system at St. Jude. 

"We provide our best care when we are at our best," Janet Sellers says. She works at St. Jude, helping the people who care for sick children. 

"It is hard work, and life isn't always easy and perfect, and I think everyone knows that," Sellers says. "And so it's knowing that, in those moments when it is hard, that we're still there for each other. We still support and care for one another, and we'll continue to try our very best."

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At the Danny Thomas Research Center at St. Jude, flags represent the home countries of the staff who work there. People come from all over the world — talented, brilliant, passionate people — and sometimes they have to be reminded that they're only human.

"I think that we all want to be superheroes, and so it's important to know that we're not always perfect and sometimes we need the support of others around us," Sellers says. 

She says she and other St. Jude staff constantly draw inspiration from the children they care for. 

"The fact that they can come here and go through very tough things, they are often a model to our staff of resilience, and we try to be just as strong as they are," she says. 

Kacie Mellen, the mother of a child treated at St. Jude, says "You would think that it would this terrible experience, and I know it is for a lot of people, but it has been amazing for her. Since being at St. Jude she has, like, blossomed into her own little person."

Sellers says "You see patients in and out, and on good days and bad days, and you celebrate with them and you mourn with them."

Another mother, Lauren Palmer, says "And now we're kind of in the survivorship side where they're gonna' look at Jennings for years and years to come. They're gonna' make sure he stays healthy. They're gonna' be pro-active about all the things that could happen from his treatment and get ahead of it. They don't just give you your medicine and send you on your way when you're healthy. It's all encompassing and every time we're here, we feel like we're part of this amazing family and community so yeah, lots of reasons to love St. Jude."

Mellen says "You know it's an amazing place, but you don't really understand how amazing until you become part of the family."

"It's unlike any other place," Palmer says. 

Sellers says caring is key at St. Jude. "Because if we didn't care, we wouldn't have those emotions and it would just be the work," she says. But it's much more than work. It's a calling. It's a passion. It's why people wanna' work here, and why they wanna' stay here."

if you go to the St. Jude website to apply for a job, it says right there: "It's more than just a job. When you work at St. Jude, you help children suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases. And one child saved at St. Jude means thousands saved worldwide."

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