Derreck Ramsdell

Derreck Ramsdell

BARDWELL, KY — A 2-year-old boy was found walking down Highway 51 around 11:30 Friday morning.

He was first found by members of the Carlisle County Emergency Management who contacted Deputy Josh Glover. Deputy Glover responded and transported the toddler to the Department of Social Services.

The child's diaper was leaking through his pants and he was not wearing a shirt. The boy was treated for dehydration and thorns were removed from his feet.

The mother of the toddler was doing volunteer work and had left her son with 27-year-old Derreck Ramsdell of Bardwell. Deputy Glover interviewed Ramsdell, who said he fell asleep.

Four other children, ages 1 to 4, were at the home, which was very dirty and had several safety issues. The home smelled of urine and a dead rodent was found by the front door.

The Cabinet for Child Protective Services is investigating. More charges are expected.