Andy Beshear and Matt Bevin

A new poll shows that Governor Matt Bevin and Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear are neck-and-neck in the governor's race.

The poll, released Wednesday by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, shows the two governor candidates are both getting 46% of votes statewide.

This is a change from the beginning of the year when Beshear held a 48%-40% lead over Bevin.

The poll states that Bevin leads among men, older voters, and those who live in rural areas.

While Beshear is stronger among women, younger voters, and those in the state's metropolitan areas.

In the western Kentucky area, 39% of voters polled said they would vote for Behear in the upcoming election, while 54% said they would vote for Bevin.

Seven percent of west Kentucky voters polled were still undecided.

The election for governor will be held on Tuesday, November 5.

You can see the full breakdown of the poll below.