GRAND RIVERS, KY — The Canal Bridge near Grand Rivers is covered with graffiti.

Someone sprayed random words, pictures, and obscenities across the entire bridge — a total of 800 feet.

Canal Bridge

Bridge inspectors said they received word of the vandalism a month ago, and it's only gotten worse since then. 

Officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Land Between the Lakes said it would cost millions to repaint the entire bridge.

KYTC spokesman Keith Todd said the graffiti is making it difficult for workers to do their jobs.

"There's a group of people that are coming here pretty often," said Todd. "We're now starting to get graffiti on top of graffiti on top of graffiti."

Todd said as the paint is layered on, it is becoming more difficult for workers to inspect the bridge.


"A lot of it goes on maybe late at night, we think there may be some people doing drugs," said Todd. 

Land Between the Lakes spokeswoman Emily Cleaver pointed to the damage on the bridge.

"Some of the paint is very easy to come off with some of these cleaners, and some the cleaners don't even touch it," Cleaver said. 

People have gone through great lengths and heights to tag the bridge.

Cleaver said a no trespassing sign was posted after the graffiti was spotted. Days later, the sign was tagged, too. 

Trespassing Sign

A group admitted to the crime and cleaned the sign, but it was tagged again not long after. 

"They also took a plasma torch of some kind and cut the security gate off of the walkway that our inspectors use to access the substructure of the bridge," said Todd.

The departments are not taking this lightly.

Todd said in the graffiti, they found social media handles that they will be using in their investigation. 

Todd and Cleaver said when people climb bridges to spray graffiti, they are not only committing a crime: they are risking their lives. 

Rail Graffiti

"This is one of our very busy trails. It's the Canal Loop Trail," said Cleaver. "So we do have a lot of folks coming through here all the time, and we want to make sure it's a safe area."

KYTC and LBL said for the time being they will increase patrols and enforcement in the area.

The next step may involve installing cameras.