CARBONDALE, IL — The Carbondale Police Department is still searching for suspects in the weekend shooting that claimed the life of a Southern Illinois University freshman. Nearly a week after gunshots erupted at a party on West Cherry Street, the Carbondale police chief is again asking those who were there to come forward with information. 

The shooting happened around 3:12 a.m. Sunday in the 500 block of West Cherry Street. SIU freshman Keeshanna Jackson was killed. She was just 18 years old. Three other people were injured, including 29-year-old Jyrin Blair of Marion, 23-year-old Raheem Sylas of Murphysboro and a juvenile. 

Police and city officials have repeatedly asked anyone with information about the deadly incident to come forward and share what they know. 

In a statement released Friday, Carbondale Police Chief Stan Reno asked anyone who was at the party and took photos or video to share those files with investigators, to help officers identify witnesses and suspects.

"The Carbondale Police Department continues to work with other law enforcement and community partners to seek justice for Keeshanna Jackson, her family, the other shooting victims and all others affected. We continue to seek cooperation from the public for information to further this investigation," Reno writes. "We are specifically asking that anyone who was at the party where this shooting occurred, or at another entertainment venue in the city that night where people may have been prior to attending the party, to please share with us any photographs or videos to assist us in identifying people who may have been present so that potential witnesses and suspects may be identified."

The police department has previously said investigators believe there were multiple shooters involved in the incident. No arrests have been made. 

"We understand that people may be intimidated by providing information to law enforcement, or think they have no information that is of value, but even a photo or video or an observation of people in the area recalled from that night may be the crucial link to bringing justice for Keeshanna and her family," Reno writes. "Our success in investigating this tragic case is directly related to the willingness of the public to take a stand against senseless violence when they are able and provide information as it is learned.”  

Anyone with information related to the shooting can call the Carbondale Police Department at 618-549-2121 or SIU Police 618-453-3771. People can also call the Carbondale/SIU Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at 618-549-2677 or the Murphysboro/Jackson County anonymous tip line at 618-687-2677, where callers can remain anonymous.