CARLISLE COUNTY, KY — Some people are seeing fewer COVID-19 cases in their community, including Carlisle County, Kentucky.

The county has been free of COVID-19 cases for the past five days.

Carlisle County

Local leaders like Carlisle County Judge Executive Greg Terry are happy with the streak.

"I guess my first thought was 'How in the world did we do it?" said Terry. "Everyone in my community works out of town, so we're used to going to all of the other counties, so I guess I have to contribute to all of the counties a little bit too because they're doing a good job as well."

Terry also said vaccinations play a role in the streak.


Maimee's, a restaurant in Cunningham, Kentucky, has suffered from the impacts of the pandemic. 

Business owners like Joe Spaulding are also excited. He owns Maimee's, a restaurant in Cunningham, Kentucky.

He said the pandemic hit them hard.

"We didn't know for sure if we were going to survive through it or not. It finally come back, and we can tell that there's a change," said Spaulding.

The pandemic affected this small town business, but with Carlisle County seeing zero new COVID-19 cases for five days, they have hope.

"I was excited to hear that. I mean hopefully everything will turn around and everybody can go to work and make a living, but that's wonderful news for us," said Spaulding. "Everybody just like shut the economy down for everyone."

Purchase District Health Department Director Kent Koster said this is not the first time this has happened. The department saw something similar on March 29.

"We had four counties out of our five counties that were in the green. We had Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman, and Fulton," said Koster. "There'll all small, small, counties, but still, you know, when you look across the state there's a lot of small counties, and I don't think on that date there were any other green counties."

Terry said vaccinations, social distancing, and wearing masks have helped, and it needs to continue.

"My takeaway would be the businesses keeping those signs up, and trying to get people to wear their masks when they're close to each other," said Terry.

Koster said the health department does not have a way to know how many Carlisle County residents have been vaccinated. He hopes to get that information from the National Guard in the coming weeks.

Koster said Carlisle County's small population also plays a role in the streak. He says people in small counties tend to spend more time in that county and their homes rather than traveling. 

Arlington Mayor Bobby McGee said he was also happy about the trend. The community plans to have flea markets back for Memorial Day this year, as well as the annual Christmas Celebration that draws in hundreds of people.