PADUCAH–  Students at Paducah Tilghman High School evacuated their classrooms after a small fire broke out Thursday morning. Administrators say a student started having trouble with her cellphone during class, and her teacher sent her to the dean of students’ office.

The student tried to pry open the back of her iPhone 6 to make it stop making noises, and that’s when it started to spark.

“She dropped the phone onto the floor. As you can see, there is a smoke detector light above where she was sitting, which is right here,” Paducah Public Schools Superintendent Donald Shively said, pointing to a desk in a corner.

Students evacuated the school after the smoke set off the fire alarm system.

“We weren’t dealing with anything that was a significant flame or significant fire,” Shively said.

The Paducah Fire Department says cellphones can overheat in many situations.

“If it starts to get hot like that, you need to take it and have someone look at it that’s qualified to work on a cellphone. Don’t attempt to take one apart, because the battery can short out and cause a fire, potentially,” Deputy Fire Chief Greg Cherry said.

Student spent about 30 minutes outside before going back to classes.