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WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN — The Weakley County Sheriff's Department, in Tennessee, says the charges against an 18-year-old for shooting another 18-year-old five times have been dropped.

Weakley County Sheriff's Department Investigator Captain Randall McGowan says the charges against 18-year-old Malcolm Omar Lee were dropped on Wednesday after the victim, 18-year-old Canon Magourik, refused to come to court and testify. 

Deputies say on May 27, Magourik was shot, what ended up being, 5 times by a 9mm pistol fired through the front door of his parents' house in the Weakley County side of McKenzie, Tennessee. 

Deputies say both of Magourik's parents and his brother were in the house at the time. 

Lee was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder and two other people were charged in the shooting on May 29.

20-year-old Mary Beth Lyles was charged with filing a false report to a U.S. Marshall and made a phone call to warn Lee. 22-year-old Katie Smith was charged with accessory as she had the vehicle Lee was caught in and was in the car with him at that time.