CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO - A 12-year-old boy was hit in the face by an unknown man while dancing in Cape Girardeau.

In a video, captured on Facebook live, a man can be seen getting out of a vehicle and hitting a boy who was dancing on the sidewalk. 

Dancing in public is normal for students of the Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio. Michael Curry is the owner of the studio, he says kids love it. 

"Going downtown is like a thing we just look forward to do just to hang out a showcase what we've been working on to the public." said Curry. 

Curry and others were shocked at what happened. 

"This man was he gets out of the car I see him kind of easing his way out and he starts to dance,"

"I'm like okay, he's going to have a little bit of fun because that's what we are use to downtown in Cape. All of sudden I see him punch my kid." said Curry. 

Curry attempted to chase the man down after the assault, but the car was too fast. He then went to help the student. The student's mom was in the area as well. 

"When I got there, there was a decent pool of blood on the sidewalk that had come from my son's face and he was holding ice that one of the establishments had brought to him and paper towels and things like that trying to stop the bleeding." said Stephanie Hagler, the victim's mother. 

The doctors said that the boy suffered a concussion as a result of the crime. Hagler wants to know why this happened and wants justice for her son. 

The dance studio created a fundraiser to show love and support for the dancer. They've raised nearly $10,000. 

We have reached out to the Cape Girardeau Police Department to get more information on the investigation into the assault and are waiting on a call back.