Friendship United Methodist Church

LYON COUNTY, KY — One of the oldest churches in our region has fallen into disrepair. Former members want to see it fixed.

Jennifer East was one of the last members of Friendship United Methodist Church. She says it's like losing a family member. 

"It's pitiful. It's awful to watch it deteriorate. I grew up here. This was the church where I got married," East says. 

The outside of the church only shows missing shingles. Once you go inside, you see the real damage. The floor is littered with ceiling tiles. Former members met at the church Wednesday to discuss tearing down the building or refurbishing it. Christian Greco, a lawyer who owns property in Old Eddyville, showed me log beams in the church dating back to the Civil War. 

"To me, the church is not in great shape, but it's not beyond repair," says Greco. "I would love to see it preserved. The question is: Where does the money come from?" 

Rod Murphy, treasurer for the Friendship United Methodist Cemetery committee, says it would be too expensive for them to fix the church and keep it up.

"It's going to take a lot of money to restore this building. Maybe we need to tear it down and get rid of it. I mean, it's becoming a health hazard here," Murphy says. 

East hates to see a part of her life since her childhood fall apart. 

"It's done so much damage inside, I honestly don't know what it would take, or if it could be repaired," East says. "I mean, I hate to see it fall down, because I grew up here." 

It's not clear who owns the church. Volunteers were not able to find a title or deed. They're contacting the United Methodist Conference to see who owns the building.