PADUCAH- The city will give Louisville-based architecture firm, Concepts21, $6,000 for the parking study inside the city's TIF district. They'll be looking at the supply and demand of parking in the area. The city got the proposal from Concepts21 back in November and City Manager, Jim Arndt, signed the proposal today. Paducah's Downtown Development Specialist Katie Axt says the parking study was part of the city's pre-development agreement with Weyland Ventures for the City Block Project, and it will focus on three main points. 

"One is understanding what our existing conditions are, getting a read of our existing parking infrastructure, understanding our zoning and parking requirements," Axt says. "Then doing an assessment for existing conditions, City Block development, and also looking at future development. What does that look like five years down the road? Then the third one is to come up with recommendations." 

Axt showed me the 12 block service area Concepts21 will be looking at in the study. 

"The focus of this assessment is on the red box. That is because, when it comes to walking, most people are not going to want to walk more than two to three blocks," Axt says. "We know that many in our community cannot walk more than one block, so that's where we address parking needs and mobility concern. Our focus area is within a three block radius of the City Block development, with a key focus on one to two blocks within that intersection." 

The parking situation downtown isn't without controversy though. In October Paducah Antique Mall Owner, Rebecca Ausbrooks, got 400 signatures on her petition against the proposed downtown hotel, with concerns it would ruin parking downtown. You can read Concepts21's full proposal below.