WASHINGTON, D.C. — A good job is a steady one with a regular paycheck. West Kentucky leaders got another sign Thursday that steady jobs will continue for people who work at the Department of Energy Paducah site.

Acquiring additional federal money for cleanup work is a priority for local leaders in Washington, D.C., this week. Face-to-face talks with federal decision makers go a long way.

To travel from Paducah to Washington, D.C., is about 800 miles. Is the trip worth it to get federal support and federal money for local projects? Local leaders who met inside the Department of Energy on Thursday say yes.

Members of the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce delegation left the DOE Thursday confident about future cleanup plans at the Paducah site.

They met one-on-one with DOE Undersecretary for Science Paul Dabbar.

“The secretary, he’s going to be strong on trying to accelerate the cleanup of the area,” McCracken County Judge Executive Craig Clymer said. “He asked for input from the local community on what activities, what process, what development would be most suitable for that area to define the cleanup process.”

The talks with Dabbar came less than 24 hours after a reception on Capitol Hill where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said announced $40 million in federal funding for the continuing cleanup efforts.

“They’ll either employ more people or they’ll bring more people from outside of our area into the community, and so our restaurants, facilities in the area will benefit from that,” Clymer said.

That additional $40 million brings the total to date to around $310 million for cleanup work at the DOE Paducah site.