MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — The defense for accused Marshall County High School shooter Gabriel Parker has filed a post-hearing memorandum regarding the attorney's previous motion to suppress statements Parker made after he was arrested. 

In the memorandum, Parker's attorney, Tom Griffiths argues that Parker was not fully made aware of his rights, and because of that, his testimony should not be heard in his trial. The memorandum was filed in support of a motion Griffiths previously filed in July. Friday was the deadline for Griffiths to file his arguments for the suppression hearing. 

Commonwealth's Attorney Dennis Foust now has a week to file his response.

Parker is charged with murder in the deaths of Bailey Holt and Preston Cope, as well as 14 first degree assault counts for the other 14 victims who were injured during the shooting.

The trial is set for the summer of 2020.

You can read the memorandum in full in the document below.