MURPHYSBORO, IL — Negotiations between the teachers union and the school board went on for hours Monday, but there's still no end in sight to the Murphysboro, Illinois, teachers strike. 

Monday was the third day of the strike over teacher contracts in Murphysboro Community School District 186. 

The teachers were out picketing before the negotiations began, and a federal mediator was present for Monday's talks. Earlier in the day, teachers told Local 6 they were feeling confident a deal would be reached, but ultimately, no deal was reached. 

In a statement released a little after 9 p.m., Murphysboro Education Association spokeswoman Lisa Shields said, in part: "We’ve bent as far as we can go. Our teachers need to be able to provide for their families. Still, we’ve made concession, after concession, after concession at the bargaining table. We’ve moved nearly twice as much as the BOE has over the course of the bargaining process. We did that in good faith. We did it to get a deal that puts our students and our schools first, but they won’t even meet us half way."

The school district posted a statement of its own on Facebook, which says: 

"The Board Team experienced another disappointing evening. After presenting multiple offers to the Teacher Team that added over $100,000 to their salaries (over three years), the teachers were only willing to move by $9,200 (over three years). They stopped negotiating after one proposal. The Federal Mediator agreed we were not getting anywhere.

"The Federal Mediator is not available until Friday the 11th. The Board looks forward to the teachers resuming negotiations."

That means a full week without classes for Murphysboro students. 

Because there will be no school Tuesday, teachers will be picketing once again until a deal is met.