US 60 pothole 272018

BALLARD COUNTY, KY – With the recent freeze and quick warm up, you can expect to see more potholes popping up on local roadways.

The Ballard County Road Department says it doesn’t have the equipment that the state and other counties have to patch potholes when it’s cold out like it was on Wednesday.

There are several potholes along U.S. 60 in Ballard County, and people living nearby say it’s starting to become a problem for drivers. Although the highway stretches through the county, it is owned and managed by the state of Kentucky, which means local county road crews can’t patch those potholes.

Jerry Spraggs drives along U.S. 60 every Sunday on his way to church. He says he’s prepared to dodge the dreaded divots, but other drivers are not.

“You can see how the road drops off right there,” says Spraggs. “They patched it a little bit but not sufficiently, really. Being a road that’s traveled like it is, it needs a little bit more work done on it.”

Spraggs says the holes aren’t very deep, but they are close to the edge. Each time a vehicle hits one, it can make the problem even worse.

“My concern is somebody dropping off, losing control and flipping over,” says Spraggs.

State crews recently patched up some of the potholes, but neighbors say the highway hasn’t gotten any better.

Ballard County Road Department Foreman Brad Jones says they work well with the state. He says if his team sees any issues, state crews typically have them fixed within a few days.

If you spot a pothole, we want to hear about it. Click here to fill out a Local 6 Pothole Patrol form.