I-24 Exit 3

PADUCAH  — The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is reminding drivers that they'll see an extended change in traffic configuration on the west side of the I-24 Exit 3 interchange beginning promptly at 6 a.m. on March 20. 

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According to a Thursday release from the cabinet, the changes arise as road crews work to remove and replace waffled pavement in the area without restricting access to local businesses. 


The cabinet is asking drivers who regularly travel KY 305/Cairo Road through the Exit 3 interchange to seek alternative routes through April 8.

Drivers and trucks seeking access to areas both west and south of the Cairo Road and Olive Church Road intersection are asked to self-detour via U.S. 60 at Exit 4.

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Another view of the construction area shows the location of nearby businesses 

Drivers seeking to access businesses on the west side of the I-24 Exit 3 interchange will encounter the following changes on Monday:

Cairo Road westbound traffic 

  • Cairo Road westbound traffic will be prohibited from making U-Turns at the traffic signal at the Olivet Church Road intersection.
  • Cairo Road westbound traffic will have no left turn to Olivet Church Road South at the intersection.
  • Cairo Road westbound drivers seeking access to the Pilot Truck Stop, Minit Mart, or R&L Truck Terminal will be shifted to the left with a right turn only.

Cairo Road eastbound traffic 

  • Eastbound Cairo Road will remain closed to through traffic at the Olivet Church Road intersection.

Olivet Church Road 

  • Olivet Church Road remains closed to through traffic at the Cairo Road intersection

Customers of Pilot truck stop, Minit Mart, or R&L Truck Terminal

  • Customers will exit straight south onto Olivet Church Road southbound to return to I-24 via the U.S. 60 Paducah Exit 4 Interchange.
    • Customers will no longer be able to make a left turn onto Cairo Road to return to the I-24 Exit 3 Interchange or to Cairo Road eastbound.

In addition to these changes, access to Cigarettes Plus and Baymont Inn is from Olivet Church Road at Commercial Drive, the release explains. 

According to the release, traffic is set to return to normal temporarily during the annual Quilt Show Week. Following the quilt show, however, work will resume and traffic will be shifted from time-to-time to maintain traffic flow. 

The KYTC says replacing the waffled pavement with more durable concrete is a better long-term solution for this area, which they say is heavily traveled by commercial trucks.

The KYTC says they are in charge of the demolition and excavation of the waffled pavement, and Harper Construction Co. is handling the reconstruction.