Time may be running out for NBC'S longest running series, "Days of Our Lives."

The show is set to go on an indefinite hiatus following the entire cast being released from their contracts, according to CNBC. NBC has not canceled the soap opera.

The show is recorded eight months in advance, allowing for new episodes through the beginning of the year. 

TVLine reports Sony and NBC are still negotiating the possibility of a new contract.

"Days of Our Lives" premiered on NBC more than 50 years ago, but rating have been on the decline. 

CNBC also reports Corday Productions, the company behind Days of Our lives, sued Sony Pictures Television for $20 million. It alleged that Sony was prioritizing “Young and Restless” rather than fairly promoting both soaps because it gains more revenue from “Young and Restless.”

“Sony Pictures Television has embarked on a concerted campaign to destroy the legendary daytime drama Days of our Lives by starving it to death,” alleges the complaint filed by Corday Productions.