People working in heat

A Finish Line Car Wash employee washes a car on Monday. Aug. 12, 2019. Employees spend many hours outside, battling the heat.

PADUCAH — When temperatures rise, car washes like Finish Line make sure their employees keep cool and hydrated. All employees have a water bottle holder in their uniform. They also keep a portable air conditioner in the work space. 

Chase Cursey is a manager at Finish Line. He said they prepare employees to take precautions during heat waves.

"We spend a lot of time watching the weather, so we kind of know what to expect," Cursey said. "We bring team members on with the understanding that we do work in the field with our customers."

Cursey said they also give employees breaks throughout the day, so they're not in the heat for too long.

"We do a lot of monitoring of team members and their performance," Cursey said. "We'll see whenever team members start to drag a little bit. We'll make sure we give them an extra break or take them out and get them out of the tunnel for a little bit."

Senior citizens are also trying to cope with the heat. Betty Boulton said she avoids the heat as much as possible. "I say in the air conditioning," Boulton said. "I don't get out until I absolutely have to. I drink a lot of water. I'm a water person. I like to sit in pools."