As we head deeper into fall, do not discount the threat and risk posed from severe weather and tornadoes. Despite the temperature getting lower, the historical threat for tornadoes rises. Our secondary peak in severe weather typically arrives for October and November. Unlike the early spring setups, fall scenarios tend to have a lot more "wind shear" in the atmosphere and a lot of the time require only a minimal amount of "heating" or "instability" to generate.

tornado graph

Consider this interesting fact: the most amount of tornado-related deaths in our area do not correlate with the highest amount of tornadoes. May, April, and June historically are the most active months for tornadoes in our area. However, November alone has accounted for 30 deaths since 1996... all other months of the year account for a total of 27. Now there is obviously a lot of other factors that play into that statistic, but the takeaway is that the fall months have been previously very impactful, with some strong tornadoes, despite having far fewer.


Remember to have a plan in place and think about what to do in advance. Proper planning and preparing is essential to keeping yourself and loved ones safe. Also essential is if you live in a mobile home or apartment... which more people seemingly do than ever before in our area - have a safer place to seek shelter when a tornado warning is issued. If you live in a mobile home, know where the nearest sturdy home or business is that has an innermost room or basement, that way you have time to get yourself to better safety at the first onset of a warning. Mobile homes provide no protection from high winds or tornadoes. For apartment residents, typically the lowest floor apartment is best if you live in a multi story building. Same rules apply, innermost room or bathroom. If that critical moment god forbid ever did come, and you did not have a basement... remember that covering your head with pillows or a mattress in the bathtub is likely your best chance at survival.


Another interesting notion is the age-old one that opening your windows and doors will save you from a tornado. This concept of thinking this will alter the pressure of your home and protect you more is scientifically false and just wastes precious time. Get to safety, and have a way to watch our streaming storm coverage when severe weather threatens.

Our team of meteorologists is on standby 24/7/365 and when the weather is at is worst, we are working at our best to provide the potentially life saving information you and your family need. We always will have multiple methods of getting our breaking weather coverage... streaming LIVE on-air, social media, and our apps. If the power ever goes out, take our coverage with you on your mobile phone while taking safe shelter.