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MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — Four years after the death of Mary Opal Moore, her family is finding peace. The Moore family won a $2.2-million lawsuit Friday against Superior Care Nursing Homes Inc. in Paducah.

Tad Thomas, the Moore family's lawyer, says $1,650,000 is for punitive damages, $570,834 is for pain ans suffering, and $17,196 is for medical expenses.

A jury found Superior Care at fault for gross negligence and failure to provide proper care.

Four years since her death, the Moores say they feel they got the ending they wanted for Mary. "Everybody called her Mimi," Jennifer Moore said about her grandma. "She was full of life. Mimi loved to garden."

Jennifer prefers to remember her grandma before the dementia. During her time with the condition, Jennifer says, "she was forgetting what day it was, where she was so she needed help."

As Mary was battling dementia, Jennifer and her dad, John Moore, were battling for her health care. "The last month of her life was very hard on everyone," said John, Mary's son.

The lawsuit states Mary lived at the Paducah nursing home from December 2014 to March 2015.

Nursing home lawsuit

Jennifer says the family chose Superior Care because they had a memory care unit for people like her grandma. 

On Saturday, March 21, 2015, the nursing home called John and said he needed to pick up his mom.

The lawsuit said Mary was being forced out of the facility. Jennifer says it happened at same time as the family was trying to switch Mary over to Medicaid, which meant less revenue for Superior Care.

"The decision to put someone in a nursing home is not an easy decision for any family," Jennifer says. "But when you do that and you are told by the nursing home that your grandmother is a perfect fit and they can take care of her, you trust that nursing home to do just that." 

Three weeks after leaving the facility, Mary died. 

The family had to relive those final weeks in the courtroom during a five-day trial.

Twelve jurors found the nursing home liable, but the lawyer for the nursing home says the jury got this one wrong.

Attorney Eddie Jones represents Superior Care. He says there was an agreement between the facility and the family to transfer Mary to higher care. 

He disagrees with the ruling and says Superior Care is "one of the best in the state."

The family just feels relieved. "It was like a load had been lifted from your shoulders," John says.

John says he feels the family finally got the justice his mom deserved.

Jones says he will file an appeal. He says Superior Care has 10 days to file a post-trial motion and 30 days to file the appeal.

Thomas says an appeal would be a pointless attempt. 

You can read the entire complaint originally filed in 2017 below.