BOWLING GREEN, KY — Meteorologists from Kentucky and Tennessee unite to help build a better understanding of weather at the KenTenn Weather Workshop. Fellow Local 6 Meteorologist Noah Bergren and I were there to learn more, as well as teach others. 

Here’s a look at how farmers are benefiting from the event. 

The ultimate goal is to make sure the public has a strong understanding of weather and how it might impact them every day. You are going to find everyone from kids, farmers, meteorologists, all synergizing in one location to make sure the public is weather aware.

“There’s been a lot of training on how to read radar, how to figure out the storms and the patterns that are coming in,” Gary Fancher says. He farms beef cattle and hay in Kentucky.

“It’s very beneficial to farmers to be able to know what kind of weather conditions are coming in and what type of precipitation to expect,” he says.

He was one of more than 175 people attending the KenTenn Weather Workshop in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on Saturday.

From discovering the science behind clouds to how drones are being used in natural disasters, the event was filled with important weather information.

“As technology improves more and more, farmers are getting the smart phones and using the different types of applications in the tractors and equipment,” Fancher says. “I think there’s more and more farmers are looking and weather data and looking at planning, early planning, late planning, when to plant, when to cut hay.”

That’s why events like this one are crucial.

The KenTenn Weather Workshop will be held in Tennessee next year.