Corn Field

GRAVES COUNTY, KY - Jed Clark like many farmers, is out in the field harvesting. He was hoping the trade dispute with China would be over by now, but it's not. Even the hope of the United States, Mexico, Cananda trade Agreement (USMCA) is bleak with congress not seeming to be in any big hurry to pass it. 

"This is something we thought we had hashed out over the spring, and we thought we had a really good agreement that's just waiting to be passed by congress now," says Clark.

Jed Clark

China is not really an option for farmers to sell soybeans, and corn to right now, which continues to drive the overall price down, cutting into farmers budget.

"The uncertainty is pretty consistent here lately, you know with the looming trade war we'll turn around and it will have been a year and a half we've been dealing with this," says Clark.


The USMCA is supposed to expand markets for both soybeans, and corn, which Clark says would help out a lot during this trade dispute with China.

"If you look at our trade with Mexico, it's the number one corn importer, the number two soybean importer, and it adds a lot to our market and export market," says Clark.

Republican Representative James Comer is a strong supporter of the USMCA. He says there is a lot of support for it.

"It definitely has bipartisan support, I think even in Nancy Pelosi's district it has support," says Comer.

Comer says at this point congress is just waiting for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to bring it up for a vote.

"If she simply let the bill be voted on, on the house floor I think it will pass with 250 votes, and it only takes 218 votes," says Comer.

Clark hopes something gets done quick.

"Now we're to the end and we're getting held up," says Clark

It's unclear if and when Nancy Pelosi will bring the USMCA up for a vote. 

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