PADUCAH -- The atrium of City Hall was turned into an interactive data collection station for what you want to see with downtown parking.

Terri Lundberg liked how the city had stations set up to collect different types of information from the public.

"They're asking very poignant questions, to try to enlighten the city and the decision makers as far as what the needs are," she said. "That's of course where you need to start. Tracking that data and getting as much input is going to be a way that we can come to a good solid solution to this."

While the open house was about collecting data from residents, it was also about displaying the data they've collected so far. That includes the walking distance service area, the on-street parking utilization for every day of the week and how it all factors in to Paducah's City Block Redevelopment project.

Concepts21 parking consultant Mohammed Nouri said they collected their data during only the winter months, and they weren't given any data from the city.

"They did tell us about the events, the festivals, and the quilt festivals like the Quilt show," Nouri said. "So we know about those events, but we do not have the specific data in terms of the parking and the usage."

Even after seeing what's been found, Randy Knight is still skeptical on the numbers they've come up with.

All my questions are unanswered and the math is still fuzzy. I don't get it," he said. "I want it to be true, but I don't believe in unicorns and fairy dust."

Concepts21 and the city of Paducah plan on gathering the data from tonight and releasing the final results of the study at the end of February.